About us


We acquired our first Hungarian Wire Vizsla in 1995, Greenwire Midas,  Anya. She was one of the first 40 HWVs registered in the UK and we quickly became besotted with the breed. Although Anya failed to get a wire coat she possessed all the wonderful HWV characteristics and we knew at that time that Anya would be the first of many of this exceptional breed for us.




Greenwire Midas


Kecel Hatsagi Simi of Greenwire (imp) X Shannamaya Margaretta of Greenwire         


   We are founder members of The Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association ,Susan was a committee member from 1999 until 2004,serving as membership sec,went back on committee in 2009 and is currently Health Co-ordinator(the health of the breed is something she holds of great importance).



 A liking for wire Coats, beards and eyebrows led Sophie to choose the Norfolk Terrier,   when she wanted a breed of her own and in 1997   Sophie acquired Jaeva Hellmaker. We have bred  several successful Norfolk litters, however due to Sophie devoting most of her time to academic study she no longer is able to show or breed  Norfolk Terriers.