Puppies Progress


Abafia Lux at Castlefield X Lansapr Tizsafa at Riannor


On 15 October 2001 we were thrilled with the arrival of four puppies 3 bitches and 1 dog, from Ellie. Riannor Odizea (Vanna), R. Knapkelte (Maya), R.Kiserto (Buda) and R. Varasolo ( Szabo).


Szabo & Buda    Szabo    Szabo & Buda    Szabo    Maya    Buda       

  "Szabo   Riannor Varazsolo
 Very well furnished head, great expression, strong
 neck, well ribbed, strong quarters, good bone and feet, correct harsh topcoat with excellent
undercoat, moved with great purpose, very impressive in
 profile, super temperament."    Meriel Hathaway  SKC 2004