Puppies Progress

Riannor Linka-Vaana

Bella and Susie the Wirehaired Dachshunds thought they were enjoying a peace full retirement, that was until Vaana arrived to liven them up! Vaana is enjoying life in the country accompanying
Lesley and Peter out in the horsebox and walks down to the stables to visit the horse.

Riannor Isa- Whirlwind Isa

Always on the go, has gone to live in rural Suffolk with Wirehaired Dachshund Archie.
Val has worked a Lab before but will now experience the joys of training her first "wire", they will have fun learning together and strengthen the bond they very soon formed.

Riannor Meela-  Meela

Has joined Leah and Neil and a house full of  new friends with Havoc the Jack Russell and Nell the Labrador, cats, chickens and a  tortoise.
Meela is a go to work puppy and constant companion to Neil on the Castle Howard Estate making new friends daily as everyone pops in to see her.

Riannor Bodie-Bodie

Starts life off in the very capable hands of Beryl who has had dogs all her life since being given a standard poodle for her 12th birthday. Beryl is now learning what a truly special breed the HWV is and was amazed at how soon Bodie was house trained and how quick he is learning. Bodie shares his home with  playmates Meg the Jack Russell and Flynn the Border Terrier.

Riannor Rezen-Rez

Has gone south with the beautiful Epping Forest on his doorstep for daily walks with Lyn, Pete and John . A very lovable puppy, the thinker of the group Rez soon worked out that small grandchildren dropped biscuit crumbs and now has lots of best friends.

Riannor Eco-Otto

Lives in a quiet North Yorkshire village ,but he will  lead anything but a quiet life
with Lindsay, Phil and little Lucy who regularly travel the country with Buzz and Alfie the Border Collies competing in agility, hopefully Buzz and Alfie will give Otto a few winning tips when he is a little older.
Otto won his class, MP Dog on his show debut at the HWVA Show April 2007.

Riannor Malyk- Malyk

Another one of the pups who is going to grow up around horses, taking trips to the stables with Paul and Sue to visit Sarah's new horse.
For many years the family loved shared their lives with a smooth, Malyk will now show them the joys of owning a "wire".

Riannor Sandor-Morley

It's about 5 years since Jane and Richard first saw and fell in love with a HWV
whilst out walking,they have sensibly and patiently waited until their circumstances allowed one to join their family.
Just waiting for Vanna to whelp was almost too much for poor little Amelia to bear but her wait finally paid off as she now has a friend for life in Morley.
Another very fit and active family Morley will spend a lot of time outdoors.